Our Services

Stoer Construction offers the expertise to take a project from the conceptual stage through full construction and exceed your expectations at every step along the way. Whether we team with an architectural and engineering firm or utilize in-house design professionals, Stoer delivers value through experience.

FULL SERVICE: Simplifying the design/build process by coordinating all parts of financing, design, pre-construction, coordination, while working with the local building agencies.


We offer quality tested methods and provide experienced designers to assist the owner from the first stages of conception all the way through completion.


We provide top notch staff to guide you through all areas of pre-construction and keep you on track: budgeting, estimating, coordination.


We provide conceptual and detailed estimates keeping clients apprised of project budget, scope and timeline.

Value Engineering

We can offer a review of existing documents and provide cost saving options for projects that may require budget assistance.


We provide conceptual and detailed pre-construction, design and construction scheduling.




Safety is an integral part of construction. Our insurance team along with our site team work closely together to make sure all projects are set up properly. The culture and climate is set from the beginning and all Superintendents are OSHA certified.


Quality is never overlooked. Our full circle approach: clients expect above standard quality – we demand our team identify improvement areas – we implement best practices while striving to improve process and work flow.

Project Management

We can work on behalf of the client in a management roll, selecting the subcontractors and minimizing the risk for the owner while providing potential cost savings.

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